Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Resolution Success

I'm doing well with my resolutions this year. I've finished my brown afghan. The sage afghan just needs to be whip stitched together. I started the towel to go with the Goose Girl picture in the bathroom and I have made a good deal of progress on it. I also gave away a plastic canvas project I don't want to do.
I got behind on the e-mail but I went through 110 yesterday. I caught up with the magazines and I caught up with the book club, although Oprah's site is down this morning so I can't post. I've been kinda doing recipes. I've been adapting with what's on hand. But I gotta say I did not like the fish. I think that's mainly because I don't particularily like fish. It was baked with crushed garlic and lemon-pepper. Nothing too earth shaking there but I threw it all out. But I've got my eye on an asparagus quiche for this weekend. Yum!
I've kept up (mostly) with my diet journal. I've lost three pounds. I only have three pieces of candy in the house. No cookies or ice cream. I don't want to think about that.
I didn't manage to get into reading "The Jungle" for the Barnes and Noble bookclub. I will, however, probably join whatever book discussion Oprah chooses. And I'm going to finish P;ato's Republic if it kills me. Which I think is a real possibilty. Kimmie


moonbeam said...

Too bad about skipping The Jungle. It's a heavy book, tho. I would have joined the B&N discussion if I had known about it. Darn. Someday we're sure to read it at Classics Club. I want to read it again someday.

I def want to look into the Shakespeare discussions, too.

Kimmie said...

It's in my "Book of Great Books" so I'll eventually be reading it. I'm determined to read all 100. But I'd gotten it into my head the club had already read "The Jungle" but now I see they haven't. We'll have to gang up on them. Kimmie