Saturday, January 6, 2007

New Year Resolutions

I'm going to spend this year organized. I spent three days getting all my ducks alighned and I'm now ready to face the year. I have gotten my spreadsheet ready for the years budget. I have organized my kitchen. And I have gathered all my started craft projects together and formed a plan to get them finished. My original thought was to finish two projects for everyone started but after getting them together I realized I have 14 jobs started. So I won't be starting anything else for a while. The good news is I'll have three done by the end of the month. That would be the brown wallowing afghan, the green "keepsake doilie" and the leave coasters.

I'm redoing my living room and all of the fall, leafy geegaws are getting put up so I have to finish the leaf coasters so they can go into the box. Is it crazy to do something just to put it out of sight? I have my reasons, but it still seems odd.


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