Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Craft Set-backs

Well, I'm trying to get the crafts organized but life isn't helping. I went to Walmart to get the supplies needed for a few projects and had a problem. The were out of one of the cross-stitch colors. And they've either stopped making the green crochet thread or Walmarts is just going to quit carrying it. Either way they've no longer kept the tag up for it. So here's hoping Hobby Lobby or Michael's has it.

Of course, with my luck, the company quit manufactoring the color. That's what happened with Callie's tablecloth. After it hit about 51/2 ft diameter I couldn't get anymore yellow and had to pull out several rows and create my own finish rounds. I must say my solution was just as good as the written instructions anyway.

But, now I have to make mine and I'm doing it in blue. Will the company quit manufactoring that color too? I've got about 1 1/2 ft of it done with about 5 rolls of blue thread waiting in the drawer. Which means I probably need a dozen or so more. If they quit this color I'm truely screwed.


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