Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogroll Game

Fun for all!!!

PS My button didn't come out, but if you hit the x you can still get to the game.

Nevermind. I fixed it.


I haven't been here in a while. I haven't finished anything worth talking about. I stalled out with Moby Dick and read a historical romance mystery and a contemporary mystery. Both were OK but not worth sending my Internet buddies searching for. But now I've gotten back into Moby Dick and will finish it this week. Probably today or tomorrow. I'm also about 99% dome with the afghan I'm doing now. When it's done I'm going to make my daisy kitchen curtains. I've had the material around 9 months. It's time dont'cha think?

Anyway, my job has blocked alot of my favorite sites so I stay off the web at work. I tried both of my TCC links and found them inaccessible. So I quit trying before I got to Blogger. I don't know if I can get in or not but I don't think it's a big deal. I'll just do it from home.

However, they didn't block my Spanish lesson sites. So, to see the glass half-full aspect, I'll be using my free time at work to learn Spanish. It'll pay off in the long haul.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Murder off the Books

"Murder off the Books" by Evelyn David was co-written by one of my on-line buds.
It's a mystery with a little twist; it's got a lot of humor in it. With three goofy teenagers, that goes without saying. There's also a scooter-bound elderly neighbor who wants in on the action. And a local exterminater trying to get his work-truck back. Seems the funeral director takes vehicles(or beef) as colleteral and "The Bug Man" wants his back without paying the bill.
Mac Sullivan has been hired by the insurance company to investigate the embezzlement of half a million dollars from the local college. Then the bodies start to pile up. Dan Thayer is the prime suspect. His sister Rachel knows better. So she's caught between the cops and her brother. And the three teenagers trying to clear "Uncle Dan."
I didn't guess who the murderer was, but I have to admit I never get it right. I pinned it on someone 1/3 of the way into the book and at the 2/3 mark, I knew I was wrong. I did enjoy the book. It didn't take me long to read and I want another. Since I'm able to contact the author I'll be nagging her for a sequel.
Oh yeah. I like the Irish Wolfhound, Whiskey, too.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Color Purple

"The Color Purple" by Alice Walker won the Pulitzer Prize in 1983. It's the story of Celie, a poor black woman in the rural South. The novel covers several decades in the early to mid-20th century and chronicles Celie's growth from an abused 14 year old into an independent, self-sufficient woman.
The book is written in letters. Celie was raped by her stepfather when she was 14. He told her "You better not never tell nobody but God." So she writes letters to God in the beginning. Celie has learned to make herself invisible so this is her only way of self-expression. As the novel progressess letters to and from her sister Nettie appear. Through her relationship with Nettie, Shug and Sophia, Celie learns to fight back against the forces that control her life.
I loved this book. I read it in 1 day. And I would recommend it to anyone.