Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Summer Reading

Crime and Punishment as summer reading? Who'da thunk it? Actually just as soon as I read the post on TCC I went straight to Wikipedia. After reading the first part of the section (before spoilers) I wound up wanting to read some Tolstoy too. All I need on my TBR list is a couple of thousand page books.

And speaking of spoilers, I usually like to get some background on a book before I read it. I read the intro to "House of Mirth" and lo and behold there's more than I needed to know. So I guess from now on there'll be no more intros read untill the book is read.



moonbeam said...

Kimmie, Intro spoilers has happened to me more than once and it's SO frustrating! So I never read them until I've finished the book anymore.

Chris said...

I don't why they put "Introductions" with spoilers at the front of books. It's like putting the last scene of the movie in the trailer.