Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Rapture of Canaan

I managed to sneak in one more book before the end of my vacation. That was six books for this month. My sister had "The Rapture of Canaan" in hr bathroom for months (actually, close to two years). I took it and finished it in two days.

The book tells the story of Ninah, a 14-year old girl living in a religious community in the South. Growing up in such a community she has always felt close to God, but high school forces her to a public school and contact with outsiders causes her to begin questioning what she's been taught. Pregnancy by her prayer partner convinces her she's carrying Jesus's child. It also leads to tragedy. Ninah's growing rebellion begins to bring a change over her entire church.

I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.



Stephanie said...

I've heard really good things about this book! Didn't Oprah use it as one of her choices before she went to the Classics?

Sounds like you had a great reading vacation. Did you get in a lot of movies too?

Kimmie said...

Yes, it was a pick in 1997. I didn't know that until I went to look.

One day I spent 11 hours in front of the TV. Another, I watched the first 3 discs of Deadwood season one. All-in-all I didn't do anytheing practical with my time.