Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Site

I bought three new books on the way home from work last night. I ordered "House of Mirth" two and a half weeks ago. It came in Monday so I finally made the time to go get it.

I got a new Jack the Ripper book to go with my collection. I watch the crime shelves for Jack and this one has never been there. It never crossed my mind they bring in books just to put them on sale. Live and learn.

And the last book is just a little thriller I got for $4.98. It's "In the Cut" by Susanna Moore. The Meg Ryan movie is based on it.

Anyway, I went to LibraryThing to catalog them. Well, they didn't register so I went trying to find out why not. I didn't, but I did find a nifty site. It's You enter a book you like and it will pull up a list of similar books. I'll be happy when I get my TBR list done and can use the site. That is, if I quit adding to my TBR list.


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Chris said...

That sounds pretty neat, Kimmie. I'll check it out.