Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Bookshelves

I finally got a digital camera. So, of course, I had to take pictures of my cats. Then my nephew. Finally, I got around to the bookshelves. This one is cookbook central. Along with cookbooks here are magazines and sections torn out of magazines neatly sorted onto folders. It's not a proper bookshelf. Just painted milk crates. I used to have them neatly arranged and corded together with ropes. It looked trés chic but it was a pain to clean.

More crates. This is my overflow.

This is the main bookcase. It's organized with the crime books on top. Next down is the books for the Book of Great Books. Under that is the books for my challenges and book clubs. Next to the bottom is magazines---Smithsonian and the most recent National Geographic. And on the bottom I have some of my nonfiction.

I'm not foolin' when I say I need another bookshelf.


Kristy said...

You can NEVER have enough books or bookshelves.

Suey said...

I like that crate look. Great idea.

Trish said...

Very organized! I'm in the process of moving, so now I just have 3 book shelves (usually organized on whether I've read them or not) and about 7 boxes packed. Urg! One day I have a feeling many of us are going to drown in our books.

Kimmie said...

I'm a born organizer. Everythingin it's place. And the crate shelf was great, but the color I liked was rust-colored auro primer and it wasn't long before I was dusting chips with the bunnies.