Thursday, August 9, 2007

Harry Potter Update

This is my new kitten, Daisy. She has been a serious obstacle to my attempt to read all of the Harry Potter books before I borrow "The Deadly Hollows" from my sister. I know if I didn't have something clawing the crap out of my ankles I would be finished with "The Half Blood Prince" by now. I try to keep my books clean and I usually try not to get blood on them.

BTW, Daisy was found at about the age of 10 to 14 days old. She was bottle fed and my niece named her. Now, she's around two months old and I'm sitting around waiting for her to grow enough to figure out if she really is a she. She already answers to Daisy. My family needs a cat genderer. Another niece has a female named Sylvester and my step-mother has a male named Phoebe. The cats don't care. I'm sure Daisy won't either.

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