Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ricochet by Sandra Brown

Another mystery from my sister. This one is pretty good.

Detective Duncan Hatcher is trying to nail big, bad Robert Savich. The book opens with a murder trial. Judge Cato Laird calls a mistrial and Hatcher mouths off and gets contempt jail time.

Next thing you know, Hatcher is called to Lairds house because his trophy wife, Elise has shot and killed an intruder. But the evidence doesn't fit in Hatcher's opinion. And then Elise comes to Hatcher with the theory her husband hired someone to kill her. But Hatcher doesn't believe it. So now he's sifting through the facts trying to find out what is going on.

I had very few complaints with this book. There's a couple of iffy situations involving police procedure that I don't think a good cop would pull. But the mystery was strong. It fed you enough facts to keep you guessing and the resolution wasn't predictable but it didn't come out of left field either.


Stephanie said...

I haven't read any of Sandra Brown's books, but I know a lot of people that love them. One of these days maybe I will try one!

Lynne said...

I've read some of Sandra Brown, but not recently.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I think you'll like PLAYING FOR PIZZA. I thought it was a fun book and a change of style for John Grisham.