Friday, May 1, 2009

The World According to Garp

The World According to Garp by John Irvng

T. S. Garp is the son of Jenny Fields. Jenny decided she wanted a child without a husband so she got herself pregnant by a brain damaged war veteran. So with this bizarre birth begins the bizarre life of T. S. Garp. That's his name Jenny never knew the fathers first name so she gave him the initial of his rank- Technical Sergeant. So T. S. was named, but everyone called him Garp.

The book follows Garp throughout his life. First at a school where his mother was nurse. Then at graduation the two take of to live in Europe, where Jenny writes her autobiography which everyone takes to be a feminine statement. Garp wants to be a writer too, but he can't quite capture the attention his mother gets.

This is a very funny book. The characters are completely off the wall. I thoroughly loved it.

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