Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Killer Bodies

Killer Bodies by Michael Fleeman

Someone gave me this book I read it in one day. There's not much to it. Two famous body builders kill their personal assistant. Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan were both famous in the body building world. He was self-destructing and she was on her way up when they met and married.

But together they murdered their live-in assistant. And from the book I'm not sure how or why. The author gives some possible motives such as she was stealing from them or Melissa and Craig had an affair. The body was burned in the trunk of a car, so the coroner couldn't determine a specific cause of death. It could have been strangulation, fire or a drug overdose.

I didn't get the feeling the author had any sources besides public records. He didn't even know when Melissa met the couple. I think the only reason the book was written was because Titus and Ryan were famous in their little pond. There weren't enough facts to make an interesting story out of John and Jane Doe.

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