Monday, October 15, 2007

Shoot the Moon

Shoot the Moon
Billie Letts
In 1972, Gaylene Harjo was murdered and her 10 month old son disappeared. All that was ever found was pajamas by the river. The only suspect was murdered before he could come to trial. So, being a small town in Oklahoma, everyone assumed the case was solved.

27 years later, Mark Albright comes to town. After his father's death, he gets access to the safety deposit box where he finds a birth certificate for Nicky Jack Harjo and adoption papers. He didn't know he was adopted.

So he takes off for DeClare Oklahoma to find the mother who gave him up. But the more he learns about her murder, the more he wants to know.

"Shoot the Moon" was a fast reading book. I read it in about 7 hours. It read like a typical mystery book, but some of the characters were a bit more developed. You can see Mark evolving as he learns about the life he almost had. He's much more likable by the end of the book.

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