Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prior Bad Acts

Prior Bad Acts by Tami Hoag

A Jack the Ripper style murder of a woman and her two children have rocked Minneapolis. And Judge Carey Moore has made an unpopular ruling to the inadmissibility of the suspected perpetrators past behavior. Now the victims family and the lead detective are equally enraged. Then the suspect escapes police custody. The judge begins receiving threats, gets attacked in a garage and is finally kidnapped. Now the race is on to find her before she becomes a victim too. But first the police have to figure out who's victim will she be.

My sister loaned me this book. She also loaned me another from Tami Hoag, called "Straight From the Heart" which turned out to be a romance. I don't think my sister knew that when she bought it. I got halfway into the book before I realized there would be no murder. There was a couple of situations that could have turned into something but didn't. Mind you, every now and then I like a good romance. But not very often anymore. I went through that phase in high school. But I do like a good mystery nowadays.

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Stephanie said...

I've read a few of Tami Hoag's books (NOT the romance!) and really enjoyed them. She can definitely tell a good story!!