Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Handful of Mysteries

While waiting for July so I could get to my next two book I read several mysteries. They usually just took a day or two. I have a spreadsheet with 50+ books listed on it. These are books in my house that I need to read (as opposed to going out and getting more). So I started picking up the ones I coud quickly get off the list.

There were two by Stella Cameron-- The first was "Kiss Them Goodbye." I enjoyed it and it was part of a series set in a small Louisiana town. So when I went hunting for "Gilead" for the BookAwardsChallenge I picked up "Now You See Him" for a couple of bucks at "The Dusty Cover." These are considered romanctic suspense. I went through a romance novel phase but eventually outgrew it, but I have to say I just might be buying more in this genre for the times I want brainless reading.

I had "Touching Evil" by Kay Hooper on my shelf. This was another romantic suspense. But it has a twist. The crime investigators are empaths or pychics. Fun, huh? I'll definitely want to try out another of these.

"Temptation of a Proper Governess" by Cathy Maxwell was a historical romantic suspense. It was OK. I think the historical part lost my interest. It's been on my bedside tale about a month with me reading some here and there style.

And finally, my first Nora Roberts, "Northern Lights." I got it from my sister Saturday and finished it Monday. I want more of her books too. Apparently, she really churns out the books so I'm not planning on setting a goal of reading all of them. But a couple more will be on my plate sooner or later.

But now it's July. TheClassicsClub is reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Pulitzer_literature is reading "Gilead." Both will count on my BookAwardsChallenge so that's what's next. And I've read all the mysteries in the house, so I have to get some more books off my spreadsheet before I buy more. I have plenty of books in the house.

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